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  We examine the designated project area for criteria such as sun and wind exposure, drainage ability, plant materials and source of water when designing irrigation systems. Our 100+ combined years of experience aids us when designing and installing irrigation systems for homes, businesses, schools, municipalities and athletic facilities.


  When we're finished installing the irrigation system, the client receives a scale map of the system with structures, gardens, lawn areas and the irrigation system. This print will be extremely valuable to you in the future!


  Aquarius also maintains a staff of mobile technicians and office personnel who will provide a complete array of services in accordance with our design principles for our customers.




  Front lawns to full estates - Aquarius is the company for you. We will custom and install an irrigation system for your needs and budget.

  From start to end we will be there to complete your irrigation system


Pond aeration keeps ponds clear and provides oxygen for fish. It can also keep stormwater retention ponds healthy. Aquarius offers several options for aerating your pond, we will work with you to decide what is best your property and needs.

  Golf Course, Green space or roof-top gardens - Aquarius has the answers. We will work with you to design, build and service your irrigation system.  Jobsite foreman, labor crew, office staff and mobile technicians provide a fully qualified work crew who are courteous and respectful of your business, customers and community.


Do you trust Mother Nature to fulfill your landscape wating needs?  Let Aquarius help you keep your garden alive and lush even during the hottest months with a customized system using small sprinkler heads, misters and drip line to keep your garden beautiful.

Athletic fields are put through some of the most strenuous conditions. From hard play, to wide open areas with no shade. Let Aquarius work with you to build a system that will allow for the upkeep and maintenance these fields need while also maintaining the beauty.


We provide seasonal service including spring commissioning and tune-up of your irrigation system so that it is working perfectly for the summer. We also provide winterization of your irrigation system to protect it from winter freeze damage - with a guarantee!

Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers
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