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Aquarius Adds HDPE Fusion welding

Rick Villamil March 2016


  Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the use of what is known as HDPE fusion welding in the Golf, athletic field and industrial designs for irrigation systems.

  Simply-put: Thick-walled polyethylene pipe ends are melted and joined to form continuous pipe lengths. 

  Aquarius is now able to perform butt-end fusion welds on HDPE pipe of 1"-4" using our McElroy Pitbull 14 equipment.   

  This ability allows us to improve the efficiency of how water is delivered to irrigation systems, and reduce labor and materials during installation.

ReArch Company Tree Root-Watering Systems

Rick Villamil November 2014


   Most projects we begin are designed and engineered from the ground-up.  But when a new client asks us to help them save valuable trees in the nearby parking area, we start at the tree top and work down.

   The ReArch Company is a construction and property management group in South Burlington, VT.  Parking lots surrounding a nearby facility formerly occupied by Digital, a large communications and computer programming company are now used by many different smaller companies for their business fleets and for staff parking vehicles.  ReArch proposed using water drawn from a nearby storm-water run-off pond to re-invigorate one of their adjacent properties landscaping.   

 The expansive parking lots have raised green strips, with large 8" caliper Ash trees on the summit of a 3' high mound.  The persistent wind and southern exposure witha large amount of radiant heat from the paved surfaces have really stressed the trees over their lifetime, some have succumbed with many showing evidence of life threatening diseases.

  A small pumping and filtration station was installed by the pond to provide water for the latest method of delivering water to tree roots.  The Rain Bird root-watering-system will provide a tree with the necessary volume of water at the deeper root structures that these trees have developed over 4 decades of growth. 

New Technology

Rick Villamil March 2015


Technology is always marching forward at an alarming rate.  We are always interested in the latest ideas about how to water your landscaping efficiently and for less money.

  What is the next big thing?  WIFI controllers that interact with your WIFI connected devices.  Would you like to watch your system water the lawn?  How about using a tablet to control and program the garden irrigation?  Does Google Glass have an App yet?  Mmmmm, ~not quite~, but other ideas are market ready, there just isn’t that much feedback of real-world testing yet.

   Many products available currently on EBAY, AMAZON and other online stores have the common options that older style controllers had.  We are waiting for the "Big 3" irrigation companies to design and build their own, until then, click on the link below to see what I'm talking about.  

   We can install and service your irrigation systems, and this new style of controller will only improve the connection to your landscape.

Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers
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