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Efficient and aesthetically pleasing ideas to provide your prized plants with water.

Garden Systems

Surface and Sub-surface Dripline Systems

Some of the first irrigation invented used leaking wood pipes to provide plants with water at the soil surface.  

  Drip-line, or drip tubing - delivers water directly to the root structure of the plants at the highest efficiency rate compared to other methods of irrigation.

  The emitters inside the tubing precisely control the amount of water delivered to the plant and at the same time prevent roots from clogging the weep holes.

  A properly installed drip system will save you time and $$$.  

Bubbler Nozzles

  Many larger shrubs and trees require a greater amount of water at a lower depth. For these plants we suggest installing a bubbler nozzle that will emit water at a much greater rate in a concentrated area.

  Many of the larger plants continue to absorb water from the soil later into the cold months when surface water has frozen into ice.   Bubbler nozzles can be placed into a screen container below the soil surface, sending water to the primary roots. 

  A plants ability to adapt to drought lies in the depth of the roots. When water is available at a lower depth, the plant will have a greater chance to survive.


Many plants prefer to have a foliage rinse once in awhile.  Matching a sprinkler system to your garden properly will reduce your labor of wrestling "garden" hoses and increase the amount of time you have to harvest your garden for its beauty and produce.

  Water conservation is our primary concern when we design and install any irrigation system.  

  We employ and support environmentally responsible solutions to the gardeners needs.   

Overhead Spray

Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers
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