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Interpreting the proposal:


   Each Aquarius proposal is provided with a diagram that identifies selected areas and the approximate number of sprinklers that are required to irrigate these areas.


   Should you decide to irrigate only a portion of the property (for such reasons as price, future landscaping, construction plans or other reasons), the proposal allows each area to be independently selected. We can easily plan for the future during the initial installation. Since the prices of the controller and related plumbing requirements are dependent on the size of the system to be installed, there may be adjustments to the final cost (fewer zones may result in a smaller, less expensive controller).

Aquarius has been designing, installing and servicing irrigation systems in Vermont,

Northern New York and New Hampshire since 1987.


    We have advanced academic and professional training in horticulture, soil science and hydrology and fully understand the water needs of your landscape. We offer a knowledge base that is unmatched and can respond to a variety of individual needs. We are dedicated to a long-term relationship with continued service of your irrigation system. Our best source of advertising is word of mouth from our satisfied clients.

   If only a portion of the proposal is to be installed and then at some time later the remaining zones are to be installed there may be charges to cover the additional cost for product price increases, crew setup and travel. For example a separate trip needs to be made to reapply DigSafe markings, prices of parts may have increased (plastic is a product of the oil industry!) and travel and setup costs may have changed due to increased gasoline prices or labor cost.


   When additions are requested beyond the scope of the proposal, they are generally provided on a “per sprinkler” cost and can be requested when the installation crew is on-site. It is always less expensive to add on to an installation while the installation crew is present than to add on to the system after the crew has finished the current project.




   Our experienced office staff will work with you to schedule repair service, spring commissioning or winterization visits. You will talk to a knowledgeable person who can either answer your question or contact an employee who can.


   Your off-hour phone messages are returned as soon as possible within the same day or on the next business day. We maintain cell phone coverage for our service and installation crews to be responsive to your needs.


   We keep you informed as to schedules and work progress.


   We do not make wild promises that are rarely upheld. We do however, schedule installations and keep our clients informed of the progress in making the installation.


   Since everyone wants his or her irrigation system to be installed before July, it is important that we receive your signed contract with deposit so that the installation can be scheduled. There are only so many days in our installation season and we are at the mercy of the weather.


   Rain and snow can impede our attempt at maintaining a schedule - you will be kept informed as to the status of your project by our capable and knowledgeable office staff.


   Remember, all of our installations require that we use Dig Safe to mark public utilities (the owner marks private utilities). Our pipe-installing machine cannot avoid obstructions unless the operator knows where they are!

Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers
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