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1. Yearly inspection: You should perform an audit - look for inaccuracies of spray distribution, crooked sprinklers or sprinklers that are being blocked by overgrown landscape plants and lawn edges. Check the nozzles for obstructions and clean if needed with a fine wire that will dislodge the obstructing debris. Make sure that each rotor is actually turning and reversing (for the part circle models). We normally do this at spring startup. 

2. Precipitation Pattern Check: Place 5 or 6 coffee cans at random over your lawn and then run the sprinkler zones for 30 minutes. Carefully measure the depth of water in these cans. Then multiply this depth by 2 to yield the precipitation rate of the sprinkler system. Remember - treat rotary sprinklers separate from the mist spray heads since they have very different precipitation patterns. 

3. Controller settings: You need about 1" of rain per week - so budget your sprinkler system program to allow for this after deleting the natural rain that falls. Perhaps you need a rain gauge to assist in estimating the natural precipitation. Set your rain sensor as well. 

4. Mist Spray Head Adjustment: Check spray heads for nozzle obstructions and for their precipitation rates - then adjust the program time to allow them the same precipitation as the rotors. You may find that you need much less time and fewer operating days for these spray heads than for the rotors. This would be a good time to assign these zones to a separate program in the controller.

5. Lawn grooming: You should be trimming grass away from the sprinklers and valve boxes on a regular basis. Grass can cover a valve box in one summer and can actually obstruct the spray pattern and rotation of the sprinkler.

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6. Winterize: The system needs to have water pushed out with compressed air properly before it freezes and causes damage to the components.

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